A Decade in Business

tSunela recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary! Learn how far we’ve come from the beginning and how much we’ve learned being in business for 10 years.

St. Louis Post Dispatch (stltoday.com)
featured 2/21/16

One of St. Louis’s First Digital Marketing Company Celebrate a Decade in Business

Steady growth has helped women-owned agency thrive in a tumultuous industry

St. Louis, MO— St. Louis-based digital marketing firm, tSunela, announces a decade in business as of May 15, 2016. A boutique agency located in Clayton and co-founded by JoAnna Dettmann and Kaysha Kalkofen, tSunela was the first woman-owned digital marketing agency in the area—and one of the first digital marketing agencies in the region—when they launched in 2006.

The company is observing this milestone with a “10 Things We’ve Learned from 10 Years in Digital Marketing” download on their website and a creative gift to prospects.

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10 Things We’ve Learned in 10 Years

When tSunela was founded in 2006, the world of digital marketing looked a little bit differently than it does now. Facebook was just opening its doors to the general public, podcasting was in its infancy, and mobile marketing was barely a thought. In fact, when we launched, we were the first woman-owned digital marketing agency in the St. Louis area and one of the first digital marketing agencies in the region. Now, as we celebrate our tenth year in business, we reflect on not only htSunela Celebrates 10 Yearsow our industry has advanced so drastically, but also on the many valuable business lessons we’ve learned along the way.

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Below are the ten biggest lessons we’ve learned throughout our ten years in the digital marketing industry:

  1. Remember why you started. Because we made our mark on the digital marketing industry so early in the game, we’ve received multiple buyout offers over the past decade. And, as you can imagine, they were pretty tempting at times. It’s during times like these, however, that it’s so important to remember why you started your business in the first place. We founded tSunela with the goal of providing top-tier service by educating our clients about the industry. In order to continue to accomplish that goal, we had to remain involved—and we’re so glad we
  1. Invest in great employees. This one may seem obvious, but when you’re a young company struggling to fill your pipeline, it’s not always the easiest decision. It’s like the old “chicken or the egg” dilemma—do great employees bring in clients, or do clients bring in the stream of income that enables you to hire great employees? For us, investing in talent even when funds were unpredictable proved to be the best business development strategy we could have chosen.
  1. People won’t pay for what they don’t understand. In a continually changing industry such as ours, it didn’t take long to learn that client education must be a priority. Algorithms are constantly changing, technology is always advancing, and clients are often left confused by it all. As digital marketers, it’s our job to sift through the influx of “expert articles” and translate only what’s important into business terms, so that they truly understand the value that our team brings.
  1. Treat employees as you want to be treated. The golden rule is always applicable in business, but rings especially true in a competitive industry where technically skilled talent comes at a premium. Though we can’t always offer the most competitive wages in town, we can create a culture that attracts and retains top talent—and we have. Our culture is one of transparency and employee involvement, and as such, we’re able to offer unique benefits such as remote work locations and a healthy work-life
  1. Become a partner, not a vendor. From the moment a client engages you, they can either be pushed toward a single transaction or toward a loyal partnership. And as more and more businesses are treating their marketing needs as projects rather than ongoing relationships, achieving partner-level status has become increasingly difficult. That’s why we prioritize communication with clients; openness lends itself to a long-term advisory relationship.
  1. Quality customer service never goes out of style. If there’s one thing that has not changed over the past decade, that’s it. Great customer service is a competitive advantage that should never be put on the back burner. Love it or hate it, the internet is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and people expect your response time to reflect that. We really believe that our consistent dedication to providing quality service, including unparalleled responsiveness, to our clients has been a major factor in our continued
  1. Your clients’ success is your success. Point-blank, if you want your digital marketing firm to grow, you must be customer focused. This means rather than going into work each day thinking, “How can I make my company more successful?” go in with an attitude of “What can I do to help my clients succeed?” Take the time to truly get to know their business and their goals, and be transparent about your strategies for them. We obsessively track our clients’ progress because their success really is our success. And their referrals have become one of our greatest marketing
  1. Strong business partnerships are essential. Many of the most successful businesses are led by partners—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, research has found that four out of five business partnerships fail. Fortunately, over the course of our decade-long partnership, we’ve identified multiple factors that have kept us going strong. Our skill sets complement each other, and we’ve learned how to communicate openly and honestly, without becoming defensive. Without an open and honest partner- relationship, even the best business plan won’t hold up.
  1. You must be committed to education. If we would have lost our desire to learn once our business became “successful,” we would never have made it this far. It’s not only important for you, as a business owner, to continually gain knowledge in your field, but also for your employees. This is especially true in the ever-changing digital landscape. When it comes to our team’s ongoing education, we encourage our employees to stay abreast of the latest trends and assist in every way that we can—by funding continuing education, bringing in speakers, and more. We also commit time to present at industry conferences to share our knowledge and learn from peers.
  1. Don’t box yourself in. If you’ve been in business for more than a millisecond, you know that things very rarely go according to plan. There’s a good chance that the services you specialize in when your business launches will shift over the course of time—and that’s okay. Instead of throwing in the towel—or blindly rolling with the punches—we’ve learned that it’s best to be very intentional about planning for contingencies. For instance, the reason we chose the name tSunela rather than something very specific like “St. Louis SEO Services” is because we anticipated the need to adapt as the industry evolves.

We certainly don’t claim to have all of the answers. After a decade in business, however, we have gathered a good bit of invaluable knowledge, and hope these tidbits provide some value. We also want to extend our enormous appreciation to our clients, partners, employees, and community for sticking by our side and helping us achieve this milestone. The last ten years have been one incredible ride. Here’s to the next ten!

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Summer Digital Marketing Intern 2016

tSunela is seeking a motivated, eager college student who is looking to learn about what makes a successful future outside the classroom.

We are seeking a Digital Marketing Intern who is ready to immerse themselves into the online marketing industry while being mentored by tSunela’s digital marketing industry leaders. You will be afforded a unique opportunity to be a part of a team that directly affects sales and fosters the growth of online communities. Additionally, you will have a chance to assist with content management, creation and account management.

For more information on this opportunity contact us online.


  • Help coordinate agency partners from strategy to execution, including SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Web Analytics
  • Assist in management of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and brand blogs
  • Plan and develop content for our clients
  • Create content for client’s websites
  • Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and asses against goals (ROI’s and KPI’s)
  • Analyze campaign results and develop optimizations and ideas to improve
  • Research trends and the competitive landscape, share findings with larger team and generate recommendations for digital marketing

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Passion for digital/social media and learning
  • Creative and analytical thought process
  • Confident and a quick learner
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment and take initiative
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office, specifically Microsoft Excel
  • Detail-oriented with time management and organization skills
  • Ability to work independently and also as a team player

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SEO: Best Practices to Improve Website Traffic

Want to learn ways to improve your website performance? “If you improve your site for human users, you will improve its performance in search rankings,” says Kaysha Kalkofen, co-founder of Tsunela, a digital marketing consultancy. A good rule of thumb? “Think of your own behavior on websites–and particularly what makes you switch off.”

Below are 7 ways to improve your website traffic through SEO

1. Content Rules

2. Identify the Keywords Users are Using

3. Non-com Domains are still being Treated the same in Search

4. Faster Load Times = Happier Customers

5. Be Strategic about Inbound Links

6. Mobilize for Mobile

7. Be Patient

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How to Dominate Digital Branding in 2016

Learn our 5 ways to conquer digital branding in 2016. Emily Phillippi breaks down branding for the new year.

5 Ways to Dominate Digital Branding in 2016 | January 2016 | Inc.com

1. Lose the Single-Page Website

2. Rethink Your Domain Name

3. Use more Video

4. Cover Your Bases in Paid Search

5. Don’t Think Social Media is a Free Way to Build Your Brand

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Kaysha’s 2016 Digital Marketing Predictions

What do experts think is in store for digital marketing in 2016? Will mobile dominate again? Will ad blocking technology increase in use? Kaysha Kalkofen, co-founder of tSunela, digital marketing company, explains her predictions for internet marketing in 2016.

Excerpt from “What Change in Customer Behavior Will Impact Marketing the Most in 2016?” | Direct Marketing eBook January 2016:

What consumer behavior do marketers need to watch in 2016? Mobile mania. According to Gartner, mobile traffic in 2016 is expected to increase 59% from 2015. In fact, in May Google confirmed that more searches are conducted on mobile devices than desktops in 10 countries (including the United States). As mobile use continues to dominate, so, too, does consumers’ demand for a seamless mobile experience.

Marketers must master reaching their audiences through a mobile platform—whether it’s focusing specifically on the design of a responsive mobile site or creating a mobile application that will engage prospects or help to retain current clients. Additionally, because mobile applications open up whole new markets (think Uber), successful marketers will continue to create innovative market segments through mobile applications.

Finally, marketers must master mobile search, both organic and paid, because mobile searchers behave very differently than desktop searchers. And, because Google released the “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update in 2015, organizations that are not mobile savvy will suffer in search engine results.

Hear what other experts predict: http://media.dmnews.com/documents/194/2016_predictions_ebook_1-custo_48395.pdf

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Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions 2016

What do the internet marketing experts at tSunela predict for 2016? Below are our digital predictions for the new year.

MultiChannel Merchant, December 2015
5 Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2016

In our digital world, trends come and go just about as quickly as we’re able to wrap our heads around them. These constant revolutions require marketers to adopt the most modern best practices, and ditch what’s irrelevant. This is why 2016 marketing budgets are set to increase to 11% of company revenue, according to Gartner’s 2015 CMO report.

Staying up to date on this constantly evolving industry will provide significant competitive advantages. Here is a comprehensive guide to what you can expect from the digital marketing landscape in 2016.

  • Mobile domination – Surprise surprise! Websites need to be mobile friendly and incorporate responsive design
  • Paid Search Opportunity – Google and Yahoo! announce partnership
  • Increase in Bing Search – Windows 10 users by default will use Bing for searches
  • Death of Single Page Websites – A multi-page site gives you more SEO opportunity
  • Goodbye Google+

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Digital Marketing Predictions 2016

Our Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2016

by: Kaysha Kalkofen and JoAnna Dettmann (featured in websitemagazine.com)

According to Gartner’s 2015 CMO report, marketing budgets in 2016 are set to increase, on average, to 11 percent of total company revenue.

What’s more, the report shows that 98 percent of marketers believe that digital and offline marketing are merging; digital marketing is no longer a separate, foreign entity but, instead, part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Staying up-to-date on this evolving industry will provide significant competitive advantages. Here’s what you can expect from the ever-changing digital landscape in 2016.

  • Death of Single Page Sites
  • Mobile Domination
  • Goodbye Google+
  • A Monopoly in Paid Search
  • Increase in Bing Search

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tSunela Hires Director of Client Relations

tSunela is pleased to welcome Amber Viscount to the tSunela team. Amber is our Director of Client Relations. Her role will be to manage and escalate tSunela’s growth.

Viscount brings almost a decade of sales and account management experience to tSunela’s team, and augments capacity. We project that Amber will add almost $1 million to tSunela’s bottom-line revenue in 2016.

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Welcome Amber

Amber Viscount, Client RelationsMeet Amber Viscount, tSunela’s newest team member. Amber is our Director of Client Relations and has a long history of working in the healthcare industry. She has a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Iowa.

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